Berlin Baby!

Hello and welcome back on my blog – it’s been a while. Maybe you’ll recognize that there have been some changes to the domain and the design. I’m pretty sure you know the following feeling: before you can start studying you have to clean up the mess in your room first. I had the same feeling with my blog. Every time when I wanted to write a new post I thought: “Why bother? You want to change your blog anyways.” The only problem with thinking that way is that you have to start sometime. Which is what I finally managed to do.

Berlin Foodies
Foto aus Hamburg mit meiner liebsten Annelina @food_without_regrets

This blog is anything but perfect, in fact it’s far from that. There are many things to do, to optimize – you might believe it or not but a blog is a lot of work. I thought a while about producing some more content first because I took quite a lot of posts offline (I didn’t like the pictures anymore) but decided  to set my perfectionism aside.  It will take some time but there will be more content soon!

Right now I’m sitting in a little coffee shop in Berlin. Motivated to start blogging again. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s Berlin. Maybe it’s the vibe and all the wonderful humans I get to know here. The fact that I’m done with my exams of this semester or that I simply got more time now. Maybe a combination of all these factors. Fact is, I’m back!

As some of you might know I study Bussiness Administration at the Uni Mannheim. So what do I do in Berlin? Currently I do an internship at KoRo, an e-commerce which sells dried fruits, nuts and  in general groceries in bulk. I’ve been working there before I started the internship already and took the opportunity to come to the office for the Berlin summer. And I love it! So many beautiful places, so many possibilities and great restaurants which offer the best vegan food! Although I spend quite some time in office (sometimes I do home office though) I really enjoy the work and being here in general.

Berlin Green Market
Foto vom Green Market in Berlin

When thinking about it, isn’t it crazy how fast life can change? In one moment you sit in the library the whole day and try to learn as much as possible and in the next you sit in a train to Berlin. Since then, six weeks passed (can’t believe it).

I’ve always been someone who can deal with changes. After my graduation from school I travelled to Australia and New Zealand by myself – everyday was different, I got to know so many new people and saw new countries. Back in Germany I moved to study in Mannheim and  now I’m spending the summer in Berlin. Next year I will do a semester abroad – and I still have to figure out where to go. It doesn’t scare me (although sometimes it’s hard to move out of your comfort zone) because changes a part of life. And I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if that sounds clichée.

Berlin Sunset
Sonnenuntergang am Hackeschen Markt

I will stop the rambling here and enjoy the last two weeks in Berlin before I’ll drive home and spend some desperately needed time with my family 🙂 thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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