Tempeh Lunchbox with Tahini Dressing

It’s been way to long that I shared one of my meal prep ideas on here. But this is changing now – with this easy recipe for marinated tempeh with dressing. Why easy? Because meal prep shouldn’t be complicated!

Vegane Tempeh Lunchbox

Why mealprep is so important to me

When I was still in uni there were times where I had a lunchbox to take with me almost every day. Of course you could also buy something during the lunch break or on the go – but this often comes with a price:

  • can become expensive over time
  • often unhealthy or highly processed
  • a lot of unnecessary packaging
  • they don’t have what you would be actually craving

Of course there are exceptions and if depends which options you have nearby. However, bringing your own lunchbox will save you all these worries upfront and you can choose your ingredients. But which recipes are especially great for taking them with you? First and foremost they should be fairly easy and quick to prepare.

Marinierter Tempeh mit Brokkoli und Edamame

Tempeh-Tip: save some money

I don’t know about other countries but in Germany Tempeh can be really expensive. It is mostly only available in organic Supermarktes and maybe not everyone can afford to spend so much money on tempeh. I found out that you can get good quality tempeh also in Asian supermarkets – of course it’s not organic but much cheaper and still delicious.

Mealprep – the right tools

If you prepare your lunchbox for on-the-go you should definitely remember to pack some cutlery. I use my To-Go-Cutlery for this which I got as a gift from the owner of Ginger&Jamu on Nusa Lembongan and which I am still really excited about. If you don’t own a set like this you can simply take a fork and spoon from home – it will do just as fine.

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This Tempeh Lunchbox is…

  • easy
  • time-saving
  • vegan
  • rich in plant proteins
  • delicious
  • for tempeh fans

I really hope you like this simple recipe as much as I do – but in case your craving something different I can recommend my sandwich with baked tofu or my quinoa salad. You have another idea on your mind? Please share it with me in the comments 🙂

Tempeh Lunchbox with Tahini Dressing

Keyword lunchbox, mealprep, tempeh
Author Tanith Schmelzeisen


For the tempeh

  • 150 g tempeh
  • 2 tbs tamari
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp siracha or other chili sauce
  • 1-2 cm freshly grated ginger
  • 1 tsp coconut oil

For the tahini dressing

  • 1 tbs tahin
  • 1 tbs tamari
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 1 tbs lemon juice
  • 1 tbs water
  • 1 tbs coconut milk

Other ingredients

  • 1 portion rice of choice*
  • steamed brokkoli
  • edamame
  • 1 portion sprouts**


For the tempeh

  • First cut the tempeh into cubes.
  • In a tuperware (or jar with lid) combine tamari, garlic powder, siracha and freshly grated ginger and sitr. Then add the tempeh cubes, close the lid and give it a shake. Let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  • In a pan heat some coconut oil (or other oil of choice). Then add the marinated tempeh cubes and fry until nice and crispy from all sides.

For the dressing

  • Simply blend all ingredients for the dressing well and fill it in a small box or jar so you can take it with you.

For the lunchbox

  • Fill all ingredients (crispy tempeh, tahini dressing and other ingredients) in a box. Please only add the dressing right before you eat and store it in a separat container until then.


*To add more taste I like to cook my rice in veggie stock for this lunchbox.
**I use homegrown alfalfa sprouts here.
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1 year ago

Wo hast du denn diese Lunchbox her bzw. von welcher Firma ist sie? Ich bin schon seit Ewigkeit auf der Suche nach einer Metall-Lunchbox mit separaten Fächern und konnte bisher nie etwas derartiges finden. Habe immer nur diese Bento-Boxen gesehen, die man übereinander stapelt und die dann immer gleich so groß und sperrig werden. Deine Box dort auf den Bildern ist genau das, was ich gesucht habe 🙂


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