Berlin Food Guide

Hello lovelies!

As some of you might know I spent the last two months in Berlin. Wie einige von euch bestimmt mitbekommen haben, habe ich zwei Monate in Berlin gelebt. For all those of you who want to know why you should check out this post. I went out for food quite often and as I also got a few questions on what I can recommend I thought why not write a little Food Guide with recommendations.

Berlin Food

First of all: Berlin really is a paradise for vegans! You can find a vegan option at every corner and also plenty of all vegetarian/vegan places. I assure you no one has to order a boring salad with all the options there. In the following I will list a few places in no special order. I honestly can’t decide which of the restaurants/ cafés I loved the most.

If you ever come to Berlin I hope you can find some inspiration on where to go with this. Have fun!

  • Savory Chay

One of the very first restaurants I visited in Berlin was the Savory Chay in Kronenstraße 70. It’s an asian vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. I went there together with Anna and we both got the mango curry and vegan gyoza. The location is not the prettiest but the food is very good.

Savory Chay Berlin

  • Goodies

Goodies is a fully vegan bistro close to Warschauer Straße and is directly next to the fully vegan supermarket Veganz and underneath ‘The Bowl’ (a clean eating restaurant). They offer snacks, smoothies, cake, coffee, sandwiches, wraps and bagels. When I went there for the first time I chose the burger bagel – slightly toasted it’s super delicious. During my time in Berlin I tried quite a lot of bagels, wraps, salads, cakes and the cinnamon roll from Goodies and there was nothing I didn’t like. Especially the cinnamon roll is a must try!

Goodies Berlin

  • Beets and Roots

They offer different bowls, wraps, salads and soups. I love the whole concept of bowls and often make them myself just because it’s so easy and always delicious. I tried the Oriental Bowl (just leave out the feta cheese and it’s vegan), the Protein Bowl and the Japanese Bowl. The hummus in the Oriental Bowl was very creamy and yummy – if I could choose again I would probably order the protein bowl with hummus.

Beets&Roots Berlin

  • PHO Noodle Bar

I went to this place several times. The PHO Noodle Bar is located close to Oranienburger Tor. The service ist super sweet. You can’t find any meals labelled as vegan on the menu but if you ask they are happy to prepare something for you. The summer rolls and the mango curry are my favorites. As dessert I can recommend taking one of these rice cakes with filling (sweet potato or banana)! They steam some sort of sticky rice in a banana leaf and it just comes out sweet and super tasty.

PHO Noodle Bar Berlin

  • Rawtastic

100% vegan und raw – this is what Rawtastic in Danzinger Straße offers! As already mentioned there are many vegan places in Berlin. But finding a really healthy option can be difficult sometimes. If you look for a nourishing AND delicate meal you should definitely check Rawtastic out. I tried the summer pizza, the energy wrap, avo on bread, pad thai and the “cheese”platter. Everything is served beautifully arranged and the pizza base is definitely the best raw pizza base I’ve ever had. As one of the main ingredients for the base they use buckwheat which I really like because usually raw restaurants use tons of nuts in everything. Big thumbs up 🙂

Rawtastic Berlin

  • Masel Topf

In the middle of beautiful Kollwitzkiez (one of my favorite districts in Berlin) you can find Masel Topf. They offer israeli meals like falafel, hummus, etc. which if you follow my Instagram you certainly know I love. The soup was a red lentil soup and the falafel where the best I had in Berlin during my stay.

Masel Topf Berlin

  • Anjoy

A few meters up the road one can find Anjou – I love the atmosphere there! You can’t find any specifically vegan labelled meals on the menu but they are happy to prepare the dishes vegan for you (most of the time they simply use soy sauce instead of fish sauce for frying). They also offer these super fancy flying noodles which a friend of mine tried and loved.

Anjoy Berlin
Curry, Summerrolls, Flying Noodles and Veggie Stir-Fry
  • Mitho Cha!

I am a big fan of the Indian and nepalese kitchen. Having said this it is obvious that Mitho Cha meets my preferences with offering nepalese and tibetan food with vegan options. I ordered the Veg Thali which is a plate with several small dishes amongst others nepalese potato salad, lentil dhal, curry, etc. The vegan dumplings they offer are delicious as well!

  • SOY

Quite well known is the SOY at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. They serve 100% vegan meals and I didn’t take a picture but man it was delicious. I had udon noodles with vegetables and it was dreamy. I also really like the design of the restaurant.

  • Superfoods & Organic Liquids

Another place to get healthy food from. It’s located at the Rosenthaler Platz and is definitely one of those hipster cafés. On the menu you can find smoothies, fresh salads, sandwiches, sweets and breakfast. For all of you who are seeking a nutrient-dense meal/snack the right place to go.

  • Daluma

Just over the street you can find Daluma. They have quite an unique seating arrangement in front of the door which is very popular and in summer full most of the time. Offered are juices, smoothies, breakfast, and savory food. I ordered the Oriental Study Bowl which didn’t convince me to 100% to be honest but I really enjoyed the pasta bowl – the pesto is super tasty.

  • Brunch anyone?

To be honest I only went brunching once in Berlin but I was definitely worth it. For only 13,50€ you can eat as much as you want every sunday at Viasko (100% vegan) in Kreuzberg. They habe a big buffet with everything one could desire. Rolls, cake, spreads, salads, sushi, savory dishes and dessert. Definitely a huge recommendation and a must-visit. The only thing you should pay attention to it to not wear any fur or leather there. I didn’t take a picture because it was quite dark in there and I was busy trying all the food there 😀

  • Für die Eis-Liebhaber…

When I go out to grab an ice cream I prefer the “milky” flavours. This means that I prefer hazelnut, cinnamon, mocca, etc to lemon sorbet. Sometimes it is not that easy to find a good vegan option for this. In Berlin it’s not a problem. I can really recommend  Eiskontor in Danzinger Straße and Tribeca in Kollwitzkiez, which only opened a few weeks ago. At Eiskontor they also offer a flavour which is only sweetened with birch sugar and dates. Tribeca in general keeps an eye on the ingredients and only use raw cane sugar in their ice cream. Both vary their selection of ice cream and also have a big variety – have a look 🙂

Of course there a many more vegan restaurants in Berlin but these are the ones I tried and liked. In general the app HappyCow is perfect to find vegan/vegetarian places in cities you don’t know. I hope this helped a bit!

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6 years ago

Hey Tanith,

super Guide und es sind noch einige spannende Empfehlungen für uns dabei! Wir lieben Berlin ja auch wegen der kulinarischen Vielfalt und weil man hier als Veganer wirklich voll auf seine Kosten kommt 🙂

Liebe Grüße
Laura und Jan

[…] viel zu bieten! Ich hatte bereits einen Food Guide für Berlin geschrieben, diesen findet ihr hier.Es gibt generell aber überall nette Cafés und Restaurants, die meisten bieten auch vegane […]